Saturday, 4 July 2009

Afternoon! I can't believe people are actually reading what I'm writing! Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate all the support I've had. Ok, new thought.....

I want a trampoline. Actually, 'I want' makes me sound like a spoilt child so I'll rephrase. I would like a trampoline. Not one of the mini ones though, a big'un! The only thing is I'll have to convince my mother that it's worth it... I've not actually asked her yet. I did briefly consider just buying one and then bringing it home. Would a caring mother be able to tell her sweet little girl that she has to return her brand new shiny trampoline? Could she really look into my eyes and hurt me like that?

Well I'm not sure. But to be honest, it's not just for fun that I want the trampoline. It's great exercise right?? They run classes in trampolining (if thats the correct term!) at the local leisure centre! If there's a class in it then it must be good exercise!

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